First, please register with us in order for you to get our USA shipping address.

Second, we have two options either you purchase the stuff on your own and use our USA shipping address or we can buy the stuff for you and ship to indonesia.

If your option, you purchase the stuff on your own, you must register with us first to get our USA shipping address.

Otherwise, if you want us to purchase the stuff for you, you just need to send us the descriptions and We will buy it for You

Steps are:

1. Tell us about the stuff you want to buy (as specific as possible, the price range of the stuff, how many you want to buy etc)by informing us through order form

2. We will find the stuf and inform you by the email about the price and subtotal

*If you want buy more than one stuff, first, we have them sent to our warehouse in USA and then try to ship to you all together. This way you can save on international delivery fee.

*the orders have to be made within 1 week, so we will be able to ship the items not longer than 10 days. We cannot hold your items for longer than 1 weeks.

3. If you agree to buy the stuff from us, pay us the total price to our warehouse in USA PLUS 10% service charge *min charge:10USD (email US for quote of the commision and how its gonna work)

4. We will reply your email as soon as we got your email.
*It could take sometimes to find the stuff (depends on its popularity)

Thank you and happy shopping. We are waiting for your email/order.