Q: Can you repackage my item into a smaller box? Why I received my item without merchant original boxes?

A: We do not repackage your items into smaller boxes. However, our staff will remove the outer packaging from the courier/shipper and any other excess packaging material to fascilitate exportation and importation checks.We will ship your items in the manufacturer/merchant’s package. Eg: We will remove the UPS/DHL/FedEx boxes and excess packaging materials but will retain your original packages that coming from the vendor. Please take note that the shipping costs is calculated based on your merchant/manufacturer’s packaging and not the courier package that arrives at your address.

Q: Why was I charges for a heavier weight? How do u determine weight?
A: In accordance with the standard practice of all international courier companies,shipping cost is taken at either actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. At Pacific Logistic we adopt the same standard practice used by all international couriers. Therefore, if your actual weight is lower than your volumetric weight, we will calculate your shipping cost based on the volumetric weight. This is because although your item is light, it is big/bulky and will occupy the pellet space according to its volumetric weight.

Q: How do you calculate a volume / dimensional weight?
A: L(in) x W(in) x H(in) / 139 = Weight in LBS
L(cm) x W(cm) x H(cm) / 6000 = Weight in KG

Q: How many KG in 1 LBS?
A: 1KG = 2.2LBS

Q: Is there insurance available?
A: There is no insurance available for any shipment going to Indonesia.

Q: What item that is not shippable?
A: Item that is not shippable are:
– Firearm (includes Airsoft items)
– Vitamin in powder form
– Prescription medicine

Q: What item that is our specialty to ship?
A: Item that our specialty are:
– Baby goods
– Vitamin
– Lotion
– Nail polish
– Electronic
– Tablet or gadget
– Handbags
– Golf and apparels
– Car body kits, wheels, spare parts
– and many more.

Just email us to find out the price quote.

Q: What is the minimum shipping weight?
A: There is no minimum to ship.

Q: What determine the shipping weight?
A: Shipping weight will be calculated based on whichever greater between the actual weight and volume / dimensional weight.

Q: Do you offer pick up?
A: Yes, we do pick up only within Los Angeles area occassionally depending on the distance and weight of the package.

Q: What payment method do you accept?
A: Bank Transfer BCA or Mandiri (Indonesian customer) or Credit Card (Visa, Master, Discover or Amex) or Paypal.